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Sell More Products.

I help Outdoor Gear companies create great looking assets with my proprietary CRUX Process™, so they can sell more products and inspire their customers to enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Stop Wasting Time & Money.

Does your marketing and brand feel inconsistent and lacking focus? Are you not sure how to find your target customer or trying every social media platform and feel like you’re wasting time and money?  We live in a noisy digital age where you only have few crucial seconds to grab customers attention, don’t let that time slip away.

  • Transform your ideas into attention grabbing, focused marketing materials
  • Utilize a process driven approach to create a clear path to follow
  • Become a leader and stand out from the competition
  • Match your brand and marketing to meet your high standards

Avoid Chaos

Customers don’t want to get involved with chaotic brands because they trust those companies less. Good design is not only a reason why your customers become customers–it’s also why they stay. 94% of the reason the customer reject a site is for design related issues. Without design, marketing messages boil down to plain text and this approach rarely catches people’s attention.

  • Utilize strategy & design to outperformed your competition by 200%
  • Show customers you are a brand worth their trust

CRUX Process™

A strategic process to find focus and create a tailored actionable plan of attack.


The most important part is understanding the main problem and knowing which problem needs solving. This is where the Discovery phase takes a deep dive into your brand, your competition and the marketplace so we can isolate and address a specific problem or need to focus on. We will go through a process to articulate your brand’s attributes that will help guide the design process. Then define you’re ideal customer profiles, so you know and understand who you are targeting and why. Develop an actionable plan that speaks specifically to your audience to build and grow your business.


This is where we take those big ideas and start to refine them. Developing first drafts and or wireframes of the website. This stage sets up the foundation for the design process and gets the main messaging and ideas ironed out before moving onto developing high fidelity designs.


This is the fun stage where we get to take our ideas and drafts and turn them into something fantastic. Creating fun, exciting attention grabbing designs that reflect your brands specific values and attributes and is tailored to your ideal customers.


Now it’s time to prep and get all the designs, website, and marketing materials ready to be implemented. We will go over any training that you might need to finish setting up and running/managing your website. Finally we can plan out your next steps and how to best stay on track to see maximum results, and schedule a 6-8 month check it to make sure everything is going as planned.

"Dave is a master. He understands the difference between design and design that attracts customers and converts sales."
Sam Taylor
Digital Art Director
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JAX Overlanding

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JAX Hunting

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Hey I'm

Dave Faulkner

The outdoors is a trans-formative space that offers so much to our digitally connected world, a break, a reprieve, a place to reflect or challenge ourselves. Over the last 10 years I’ve been working in the Outdoor Gear retail industry designing and developing marketing materials that grabs attention and drives customers to brick and mortar as well as online stores. Right now in the middle of this pandemic Outdoor Gear companies need to embrace great design solutions that communicate clearly to their customers and setup beautiful digital experiences with tailored marketing that focuses on a specific audience and provides loads of value.

We’re A Perfect Fit If:

“If you want a major result you don’t want a minor effort” - Jim Rohn

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